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          1. Before the transfer of an engineering construction enterprise, if there is a debt problem, it must first inform the creditor of the specific situation, and the creditor can transfer after unification; Assuming that the enterprise is transferred without the creditor's knowledge, the personal act of transferring this time will be invalid for the creditor, unless the borrower presents the loan guarantee in advance.
          2. Assuming that under the condition of transfer, the buyer of the construction enterprise bought out the liabilities and debts transferred by the company, and the transferor and the buyer expressly stipulated in the transfer agreement that the liabilities and debts should be borne by the buyer, and also requested the administrative authority for Industry and commerce to handle the enterprise to change the handling procedures and publicize the notice, then the buyer needs to be responsible for the liabilities and debts.
          3. Suppose that the purchaser has bought all the properties transferred by the company, and in the whole process of operation, he finds that the original company also has the problem of ignoring the liabilities that are not handled clearly or left by incomplete liabilities, and the purchaser has already accepted the property of the transferor, but has not gone to the administrative authority for industrial and commercial registration to request to deal with the announcement of the change of the company's industrial and commercial registration, Then this debt will be borne by the original company and the buyer.
          4. If it is the transfer of the company's equity, no matter what the change is, because its civil subject has not changed, it needs to be responsible for opening to the outside world. As a change of the original enterprise, the new enterprise also has to bear its obligations. However, under normal circumstances, before the transfer of shares, the enterprise investigates the debt status of the enterprise, and makes a commitment to the creditor's rights and debts according to the report. The transfer of equity of the company is the transfer of the total amount of enterprise property, and the original enterprise should provide loan guarantee for the issued debt.
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