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          2022-04-07 濟南成就企業管理咨詢有限公司 0


          1. What are the classifications of construction qualification?
          A: Construction qualifications are divided into three categories: 12 general contracting, 36 professional contracting and 1 Labor qualification. Each qualification has multiple levels.
          2. How to obtain the qualification form?
          A: Qualification application form is the first material to be prepared for construction qualification application. Enterprises can log in to the website of the competent construction administrative department in the place of industrial and commercial registration to download and print.
          3. What are the basic conditions for applying for the qualification of construction enterprises?
          A: (1) the assets meet the requirements of this standard;
          (2) Registered constructors, other registered personnel, engineering technicians, construction site managers and skilled workers who meet the requirements of this standard;
          (3) The project performance meets the requirements of this standard;
          (4) Have necessary technical equipment.
          4. What materials do new enterprises need to submit for qualification?
          A: Including the business license of enterprise legal person, the qualification handling form of construction enterprise, the articles of association of the enterprise, the employment documents of the legal representative of the enterprise and the person in charge of technology, finance and operation of the enterprise, the professional title certificate, the qualification certificate of enterprise project manager, the professional title certificate of enterprise engineering technology and economic management personnel, and other relevant materials to be issued, such as capital verification report.
          5. What is the performance certificate of construction qualification project? What unit needs to sign?
          Answer: for each project performance represented, the corresponding completion acceptance certificate shall be provided, that is, the project completion (handover) acceptance document or the project quality appraisal certificate issued by relevant departments. Overseas projects shall also include the project authenticity certificate issued by the business department of embassies and consulates abroad.
          The completion acceptance certificate shall include the signatures of the units and personnel participating in the acceptance, acceptance contents, conclusions, time, etc. The units participating in the acceptance are generally the construction unit (owner), survey and design, supervision and construction units.
          Only after the completion acceptance of the unit project with the general contracting qualification of construction project is qualified can it be declared as the representative project performance.
          The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan qualification management, which I hope will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.fasterbrake.com

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