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          2022-05-10 濟南成就企業管理咨詢有限公司 0


          Should the application for extension of work safety license be reviewed again? Work safety license is very important for construction units. Qualification is the entry certificate for enterprises to have contracted projects. Work safety license is also required if they want to carry out construction. The safety license is about to expire and needs to be extended. How to declare the extension of work safety license? Do you want to review it again?
          As for the extension of work safety license, some enterprises need to re-examine and some enterprises do not need to re-examine. The specific situation should be analyzed in detail. The materials required for re-examination and non re examination are different.
          Construction enterprises that fall within the following scope shall re-examine the safety production conditions of the enterprise when handling the extension of work:
          1. During the period of validity of the work safety license, a work safety accident occurs and is responsible for the accident;
          2. If the production safety license has been suspended, the production safety license has been suspended;
          3. Within the validity period of the work safety license, those who have been punished, criticized or recorded in the record of bad behavior in work safety by the competent construction administrative department at or above the municipal (prefecture) level for more than 2 times (including 2 times);
          4. Failing to apply for extension within the specified time;
          5. It is considered necessary to re-examine for other reasons.
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