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          2022-05-19 濟南成就企業管理咨詢有限公司 0


          Due to the increasing supervision of construction enterprises by the state, it is more and more difficult for enterprises to obtain construction qualification. Due to lack of familiarity with policies, materials and procedures, the failure of qualification application can be seen everywhere. Qualification agency has become the only choice for enterprises to obtain qualification quickly. However, the construction qualification agency also needs the understanding and recognition of enterprises.
          The construction qualification agency should understand these knowledge
          1、 How to choose a reliable qualification agency company?
          There are many construction qualification agency companies in the market, just like buying goods, they should pursue cost performance. How to choose an agent company with high cost performance? We should comprehensively evaluate the company, understand its reputation and scale, whether there are real successful cases, analyze the rationality and of its charges, whether there is perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, pay attention to on-site investigation and draw a conclusion.
          2、 If the enterprise has no personnel, can it only choose qualified agents?
          The answer may not be so. Many new companies choose to handle their own qualifications without staffing and familiarity with the handling procedures. However, there will also be disadvantages: the handling cycle is long, it is easy to take detours, and the probability of passing the qualification is low, so it can not obtain the bidding qualification, miss the opportunity to contract large-scale excellent projects, and affect the development and operation of the company.
          3、 What is the necessity of building qualification agency?
          Agency services actually exist in many industries. The so-called existence is reasonable. The reason for the emergence of agency companies is mainly because it takes time and effort for enterprises to apply for construction qualification, and the success rate is low. The agency company has been engaged in the qualification agency business for a long time, has a higher sensitivity to the industry market trend and new policies, has a better understanding of the materials required for qualification handling, has mature channels and rich resources, and can help the enterprise obtain the qualification certificate in a short time.
          4、 How does the construction qualification agency charge?
          Cost is generally one of the concerns of enterprises when choosing construction qualification agency. The cost of construction qualification agency mainly includes personnel cost and agency cost. During cost accounting, the agency company will give a reference quotation and determine the handling cost according to the actual situation of the enterprise. Enterprises need to clarify where these expenses are spent. Before determining the cooperation, they should compare the goods and choose the agency company with transparent expenses.
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